Chiminea Foundry




Introduction: Chiminea Foundry

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Melt Soda Cans In Your Own Chiminea!

Step 1: Bill of Materials

1. Chiminea

2. Wood/ Charcoal

3. Fire starter

4. Lighter

5. Extension Cord

5. Blow Dryer

6. Aluminum Cans

7. Crucible

8. Kindling

8. Prongs (Long)

Step 2: Setting It Up

1. Set The Crucible In the Center

2. Put Soda Can in The Crucible

3. Put Wood/ Charcoal in the Chiminea.( If using wood set it up in a triangle pattern around the crucible, If You Are Also Using Charcoal Fill The Entire Inside With It.)

4. Put The Fire Starter Next To The Wood

5. Put Kindling Around The Crucible and Fire Starter

6. Plug in The Blow Dryer

Step 3: Let There Be Fire!

1. Start The Fire

2. Let The Fire Get Settled

3. Once Fire is Started Turn on The Blow Dryer

4. Angle Dryer Downwards Towards The Bottom of The Fire

Step 4: The Molten Metal

1. Once Metal Has Melted ( You Will Be Able To See It) Use Prongs To Remove The Crucible

2. Pour Said Metal on or in Anything That Won't Melt or Burn

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    Tip 3 years ago

    The problem with aluminum cans is that they have a lot of dross. They also shrink a lot when casting. You should instead find some cast aluminum gardening tools, second hand, and melt those. They'll cast better and you'll get more usable aluminum out of them.