Chinese Abacus




Introduction: Chinese Abacus

This is my first insructable! Easy and the cost is next to nothing. The only material I had to buy was a box of 100 hex nuts. The bamboo chopsticks are from my dinning out on Chinese restaurants.

Step 1: Materials

Bamboo Chopsticks
3"x5" Picture Frame
1/2" Hex Nuts
Hand Saw
Hot Glue
Metal file

Step 2: Prep Picture Frame

Remove glass and cardboard from picture frame. Just leave the frame and the back board.

Step 3: Cut Chopsticks

Cut them to size so they would tightly fit on frame. You can use a file to precisely make them fit the picture frame tightly.

Step 4: Assembly

String hex nuts in chopsticks and install segments in place then proceed to hot glue them

Step 5: Trim Fold Out Flap

Trim fold out stand as shown in picture so it would not interfere when using the abacus

Step 6: Fashion a Stylus

With bamboo stick make a stylus to operate Abacus. Hex nuts are easier to slide with a pointy stylus. I used the nail eyelets from picture frame as a stylus holder.

Abacus makes a great piece of conversation.

Step 7: You Are Done


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    One of the oldest methods of calculation known to man. The nuts are a nice touch!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! Use this for addition and subtraction and my slide rule for multiply and divide.