Introduction: Chinese Character Magnets

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Create some Asian inspired magnets to place on your fridge or magnetic board!

Step 1: Material

Here's what you'll need for this unique Asian-inspired magnets

  • small wooden squares
  • acrylic paints
  • paint brush
  • print-out of Chinese characters for reference
  • black permanent marker
  • pencil
  • small magnets
  • E6000 glue or hot glue gun
  • Optional: spray varnish

Step 2: Print Out Chinese Characters

First, print out a copy of your favorite Chinese characters to use as references for each magnet.

Step 3: Paint Wooden Squares

Next, paint each wooden square a different color and let dry.

Step 4: Draw on Chinese Characters

Now, choose a Chinese character and use it as a guide as you lightly sketch it out on the wooden square with a pencil. Then, trace over the pencil drawing with a black permanent marker. In this example, I've sketched out the Chinese character for "Peace". You can even write out the actual name of the Chinese character on the bottom.

Step 5: Add a Magnet

Finally, finish off by gluing a magnet to the back of the squares and let dry!

Step 6: Asian Flair

Now, your fridge is ready to get decked out with some colorful Asian flair!