Introduction: Chinese Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

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This is my favorite soup! And luckily for's easy to make too! Isn't it great?....every time I go to a restaurant I order this and  every time I have a special dinner I make this (and it has never been less of a success with my guests! ;-))
It's simple , inexpensive and delicious...isn't that like the perfect ingredients?

Step 1: Ingredients

1/2 a chicken breast   (chopped to pieces and marinated with  1/4 tsp of salt , pepper and Ajinomoto)
                                       -  you could substitute 100 g of prawns or 100 g of boiled crabs...but I prefer chicken!

3Tbs corn flour mixed with 1/4 cup of cooled chicken stock.
3 tbs oil
1/2 tsp ginger and garlic paste
1/2 tin  or 1  if you prefer more...sweet kennel corn.
3 pint Chicken Stock
1 tsp Aji-no-moto  ( this is the secreat ingredient in most Chinese dishes! I've put a close up image just for you :-) )
1 egg white
dash of pepper.

First you have to make your chicken stock...
to make it simply boil-
Chicken bone
5 pint of water
2 tsp salt
10 pepper corn/ 2 tsp pepper
1 Big onion finely chopped or cut into 4
Once boiled...take out and blender the onions with a little stock and and add it back to the stock...this would give a good flavor.

this would make your chicken stock...You could make and store it if you like

Step 2: Method

1  Heat 3 tbs oil 1/2 tsp of ginger and garlic paste.
2. Add and cook the marinated chicken.
3. Add 1/2 or 1 tin of sweet corn and mix
3. Add 3 pint of chicken stock and boil...after it comes to boiling point add 1 tsp of Aji-no-moto powder.
4. Now add the corn flour mixture to the soup...this will thicken the soup and make it milky white...
     If you want more soup simply add more cornflour to the cornflour mixture and add more chicken stock! this recipe is very easy to increase!
5. add a dash of pepper .
6. Separate your egg...add 1 tsp of cooled stock to the egg white and mix well...
     when the soup comes to boiling point and the bubbles come to the center....slowly pour the egg white and at the same time quickly move your fork back and forth in the soup...this will form the egg white thread.

At this point....if you don't want to waste the egg york...add 1 tbs of cooled chicken stock to the egg york and mix well and do the same as you did with the egg white....since it's only 1 egg wouldn't make much of a difference.
For me...this is fine...but each ones taste buds are different... so add salt to your taste and mix or simply keep your salt and pepper shakers on the table :-)

There! isn't it easy? and like I said ...'delicious!'

Hope you do it and enjoy it as much as me and my family do!

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