Chinese Compass Made With Hand

Introduction: Chinese Compass Made With Hand

I have always been fascinated with Chinese compasses or load stones that they were called famously. I have always wanted to have one for myself. So I made this one for my personal satisfaction.


Scrap wood
Neodymium magnet

Whittling knife or cutter

2 part epoxy putty


Step 1: Marking

Mark the scrap wood in a tear drop shape.

Step 2: Whittling

Whittle to your satisfaction to cut out the tear drop shape marked.

Step 3: Finishing

Finish the teardrop by sanding the edges and make it smooth.

Step 4: Set the Magnet

Cut out by judgement a recess in the wood which can hold the magnet. I made it a little larger, so I used glue to keep it in place. Make sure the magnet aligns with the point of the teardrop is such a way that it points north.

Step 5: Closing

After the glue has dried thoroughly, mix 2 part epoxy putty and cover up the magnet so that the compass makes a cradle shape and moves freely. You may have to sand the putty after it dries to bring it in shape.

Step 6: Done

Mark the top of the wood and you are done. Your compass is done. Color it if you are a kid. Make a base that looks like a fengshui plate for the compass. I am happy with this much as I can keep it in pocket.

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