Introduction: Chinese Fans

These beautiful fans are so easy to make and strong to use, or just for display.
Just go to your nearest craft shop and get...
Paint (Pink, light pink, gold)
Icecream sticks
A small hole puncher or drill
Green marker felt
Coloured pencils

Step 1: Mark Out...

Mark out how wide your pieces of fan are going to be.
Have them any size you like and corner them in so that it looks like this in the picture.

Step 2: Trace...

Using a plain white peice of paper, turn the piece of cut out paper around, so that it creates a half circle in the middle. Trace it really hard so that it scores the lines through the paper!

Step 3: Cut Out...

Cut out the circle, then draw the Chinese blossom tree symbol on, marker the green leaves on. Then paint the blossoms pink and light pink. Paint the background gold of whatever colour you want. Try using different textures on painting the gold.

Step 4: Drill, Thread and Stick!

Drill the small holes in the ends of the lollipop sticks, then glue them onto the backs of the fan. Next, thread some tread through the holes and tie, add some beads for decor.

Step 5: Done!

You can draw whatever you want on the fan and and pick any colours!
Beautiful! ??

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