Introduction: Chinese Ladder Bracelet

Hello, I am Olivia. Using these quick easy steps to create a new hobby will change your life! Are you and your friends looking for a fun new activity? I am going to show you easy techniques for a new activity for you, your friends, and family to create. Making friendship bracelets are broken down into 4 easy steps. Friendship bracelets are a way for friends to show how much they mean to one another and are a perfect memory keepsake.


Supplies needed:

· 5 pieces of colored string

· Tape

· Scissors

Step 1: Measuring

When creating this bracelet start by choosing five referred colors of string. First cut the 5 different colors of string, about 21 1/2 inches, then line the colors up evenly and tie a knot toward the top of string leaving room to work with. When tying the knot leave a couple inches at the top for extra length to tie off the bracelet. Use the tape to secure the access string above the knot to the table or a hard surface

Step 2: The Foward Knot

First thing to know is there is only one kind of knot in this bracelet: the forward knot. Start by taking the first color of
string and pull it slightly to the left holding with your left hand toward the middle of string then using your right-hand hold toward the bottom of that string. Fold over the other strings making it lay in front of the other strings. The loop will be laying across (from left to right). It should look like a number four. Pull the string through the loop or the number four that you created. Make sure to pull it somewhat tight. Keep repeating this process with the same color. The floss or string will start wrapping itself all the way around the more you do this. This is how you will create the Chinese Ladder.

Step 3: Color Change

Once you have repeated the step for around 10-15 times change the color by just picking up the next color you would like and create the same number 4 loop keep repeating, and it is that easy.

Step 4: Final Secure of Bracelet

Lastly, when you make the bracelet the right length to find around your ankle or wrist take the tape of off the top and tie around desired area. Lastly cut of excess string off and enjoy making bracelets!

Now when mastering the Chinese’s Staircase Bracelet can make them longer into necklaces if desired. These 4 easy steps of making this bracelet are life changing and so fashionable. Friendship bracelets are also popular because not only are they a small gift idea, but they are also mostly a cheap gift idea! However, friendship jewelry can be a great gift! In fact, they are warming hearts everywhere and bonding people even more!