Introduction: Chinese New Year Project-Firecrackers and Monster Nian

文創造設計工作室 - 春節計畫「年獸與鞭炮」

“Firecrackers and monster Nian” is the new

project presented by WEN CREATION this year.

Step 1: 發想`;Concept





Chinese New Year Project(一)

ConceptSpring Festival (a.k.a. Chinese New Year) is a unique festival for all Chinese nations. It can also be called "Guonian" in Taiwan, which means the passing of the old year to a new one. According to tales and legends, “Nian” is a monster in the deep sea, waking up every 364 days, and eating people on the shore. On this day, people bring their family into the mountains to take refuge.
Until a immortal revealed that the most feared of Nian is the noise and red color, people started to put firecrackers and buy many red items as red clothes, red lanterns, red paper-cuttings, red spring couplets, and all manner of red objects to scare Nian away.

Step 2: 設計;Design




(二) Design

There are two main parts in the design: one is the firecracker that protrudes from the mansion, and the other is the scared beast.

Step 3: 打樣;Proofing



(三) Proofing

Test if each articulated parts works smoothly, and then adjusts its design.

Step 4: 美化;Modification




Decorate the graphics with traditional Chinese aesthetics.

Step 5: 製作;Production



(五) Production

We pay great attention to many details, including the house behind. Although most of it is blocked from view by the front items, but the eaves and couplets are manually sticked.