Introduction: Chinese Pork Dumplings

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Step by step learn to make pork dumplings - jiaozi.
Impress your friends, feed your family, attract hordes of hot Asian chicks, or if not, at least you can eat them by yourself then, cos they're delicious.

Step 1: Step 1 - Ingredients

You'll need to get these things, some from a normal grocery store, the rest from a Chinese one.
Actually, you could probably get it all from any grocery shop, bUt tHen hOw wIlL yOU sHoW off yOuR cHiNeSe!

500g pork mince (zhu1 rou4 duo4 sui4)
a bunch of chives/spring onion/scallion (whatever you call it)(cong1)
1 piece of ginger (jiang1)
salt (yan2)
sugar (tang2)
pepper (hu2 jiao1)

5 or so heads of qing1 cai4, aka bok choy.
sesame oil (zhi1 ma you2)
Chinese cooking wine (er...)
any good soy sauce (jiang4 you2)

And for the dough, you'll need 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of boiling water. But you can also buy pre-made most at Chinese shops.
If you're lazy.

Step 2: Step 2 - the Filling

Clean the cabbage and cut off the hard stem bit, and clean the spring onion also

Cut and peel a piece of ginger to about a centimeter sized block, and chop it up finely.
Chop the rest of the veggies up.
Mix this all with the mince.
Add about a tablespoon of sesame oil.
2 or 3 tablespoons of soy sauce.
2 tablespoons of cooking wine.

Add sugar, salt, pepper to whatever degree you like (but more salt really is better).

Step 3: Step 3 - the Pastry

So if you were lazy, you don't need this step, but homemade dumpling pastry is fresher, better to work with, and more fun.

On a big piece of work surface, put down 2 cups of plain flour, make a lil' volcano thing out of it, and slowly add one cup of boiling water to the flour, mixing it with your super-heat-resistant hands made of asbestos.
Or if your just a mortal human, use a fork to mix it.

Work all the water and flour together and continue kneading for about 5 minutes. You want it to go soft and smooth (the longer you do it, the better).
Add a little more water along the way if you think its needed.

Once you're happy, take small, 1cm chunks of the dough, and using your fingers, shape the chunk into a ball by folding the bottom up over itself. This makes it roll out better as a circle.

Now with your rolling pin, or whatever, make discs out of the chunks. Roll one way, rotate, roll that way, flip over, roll...etc.

Each disc should be about 5cm in diameter. GO FORTH! MAKE DISCS! TILL YOUR ARMS FALL OFF! (about 45 minutes)

Step 4: Step 4 - Filling the Filling

So now you have a pile of pastry discs. What to do.
Get a little bowl of water and using your finger, wet the edge of the disc. This will help it seal when you close it up.

Put a 1 inch chunk of the filling in the middle.
Fold the the pastry over to make a crescent.
Close up the middle of the crescent.
Pull up the pastry from the bottom to make folds and make sure you tightly close up the dumpling.

Don't understand? The photos are in order.
Continue till all pastry and all filling is gone.

Step 5: Step 5 - Cook the Buggers

Get a big pot of water boiling on high heat. Now you just....put the dumplings in? And wait 10 minutes.

You could also steam them if you felt like it. That would take 6 minutes.

Eat with soy sauce, more sesame oil, both mixed, chilli oil, or all of the above. With beer and lots of friends. Its even more fun if you double, triple up the recipe and have you friends over so you can roll them together. The dumplings. Not your friends.

In the unlikely event you have FAILED to eat them all at once, the next morning you can take the leftover boiled dumplings and fry them in a pan with oil - 2 minutes on each side till brown. It rocks.