Introduction: Chip Bag Cover / Enclosure

Hi, if you are dealing with problem of finding clips for chip bags, just like me. Either you loose them or your kids & family members. Here is a better solution which will even look cool & would help you even organize, if you keep them upside down.

Step 1: Download and 3D Print Files

PLA or softer material, print with supports, 100% infill or at least 1mm wall.

Cautions: Do not heat or microwave the 3D printed parts, even extremely hot or boiling water could deform the 3D printed parts.

Step 2: Application / Usage

Refer the pictures, there are 3 pair of 3D printed objects, print any one pair or all if you wish, each pair has inner ring and outer enclosure with lid. So first place the inner ring inside your open chip bag at the upper rim of the opening and while holding it, place the outer enclosure, such that the chip bag is sandwich between the two 3D printed parts.

Enjoy fresh chips / wafers for long time.

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