Introduction: Chip Off!

Chip off!

I came up with this game when we were going to have a LARGE group over for Easter. We have a horse shoe pit, but it is prohibitive for much younger/older people. This game has been enjoyed by those 7 years old through 70 years old! Your golf buddies will love it even more.

Simply mirror the game of horseshoes. I have a string in the bag for placing the cans 40 ft. apart. You get 3 points for a “dinger” (when you hit the can) and one point if the ball lands within a club length from the can.

Rules: Only one player’s best shots score on each end. Last to score goes first. Playing to 11 points works well.

Resist suggestions to take the lid off the can and try to land it inside…trust me. TIP: Be sure to place the mat more than a club length away from the can.

The kit:

An old softball bat bag

A couple of shorter wedges (measured to fit in bag) from my local golf course’s “abandoned” bin.

2 Small car mats

2 coffee cans, and 2 each golf balls of different colors

Bring it anywhere, and have a chippin’ good time!

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