Introduction: Chip Repair for Dishes

last December we purchased 12 each of dinner plates, salad plates, small bowls and large bowls.

soon after 6 of the 12 dinner plates each had 1 small chip like this plate.


colored permanent makers

clear 1-5 minute setting epoxy glue

wire for mixing and applying epoxy glue

a tolerance for less the perfection

Step 1: Color the Damaged Area

I started with blue because the plates are blue

Step 2: Adding the Color Edge Trim

the plates have a brown edge so I added that with a brown maker

Step 3: Getting the Color Right

the blue maker was too blue so I added some green on top to a better match

Step 4: Mixed Up the Epoxy and Applied It

I used a round metal wire to both mix and apply the epoxy

the round end helped with the placed on the edges of the chip

while not perfect, it is less noticeable and should offer more months of service.