Introduction: Chipotle Chickamoo Donut Sammich

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Behold, The Chipotle Chickamoo Donut Sammich. Three strips of delicious lean beef bacon, one farm fresh chipotle peppered scrambled egg, nestled between two friendly donuts. Culinary art or foodie freak of nature?
Granted, this is a once a month type of novelty delicacy, but it's so damn good. That being said, I do not recommend you start every day eating a Chickamoo Donut Sammich. You'll die. Soon. Lol
I have made a few variations; using pork bacon, fried egg, honey cream sauce... But this is the general blueprint.

Step 1: Aquire Donuts

Either go out and buy your donuts, or if you're feeling like an Iron Chef today, make your own. I recommend good ole plain Jane plain glazed. You can get funky with some chocolate glazed donuts. Have fun with it.

Step 2: Bacon

It's time for you to decide what sort of bacon you're going to use. Beef? Pork? Boca? I'm joking about the Boca bacon. While I love some Boca burgers and Boca chicken, this is a breakfast Sammich abomination. It deserves real meat. Pay it the respect it deserves!

Step 3: Egg

Brown eggs, white eggs, green eggs... It's all good. We are all friends here.
If your egg has a little chicken poo on it, nows a good time to
Wash that off.

Step 4: Get Your Cook on

Like I said, you're free to use any kind of bacon you like. I'm just using beef bacon because I haven't had any in a real long time and was stoked to find some at an international foods joint in Bowling Green.
Just cook the bacon on MED LOW heat. The trick to bacon, and all meat for that matter, is slow and low.
Another meat tip is always resist the urge to play with your meat. That sounds dirty. Lol. Seriously tho. Leave it alone. Your nose will tell you when it's time to flip a burger or bacon. It may take a little trial and error to get that down but you need to work on it. Trust me, a light sear is so much tastier than a cooked piece of meat that's been flipped 100 times.
When the bacon is done, transfer to a plate with a paper towel on it. Keep the oils in the pan and keep them warm.
Crack the egg and drop it in the warm bacon oil in the pan. I never pre-scramble. I just drop in the pan and scramble as its cooking. Once the egg start to setup, add spices of your liking. I choose fresh ground pepper and Tabasco Chipotle. This will add a spicy kick to add contrast to the sweet of the donut.
Once the egg is done, assemble your Sammich.
I place the egg patty on the bottom donut, then layer on the bacon, then add the top donut.

Step 5: Enjoy

Show your friends and family that you're a culinary maniac and that your heart had better get stronger if it knows what's good for it!

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