Introduction: Potato Chips Box

Pubs , clubs or organizations selling potato chips may have some issues exposing them on the shelf. The potato chips get lost in the back of the cardboard box. When the box is full there's almost no issue but when you're almost out of stock this instructable helps You out. The solution contains adding a stretcher system in the box that keeps on pushing the potato chips to the front. Practical issue solved and it's organized properly.

What do we need ?

  • Potato chips box
  • 20 chips sachets
  • old stretcher
  • Knife
  • superglue
  • Cardboard leftovers
  • a ruler

Step 1: Emptying the Box & Removing Front

Buy a cardboard box of Potato chips of your choice ( including chips). Remove the chips, leaving an empty box and the front part removed as in the picture below.

Step 2: Preparation Stretcher

Cut the old stretcher ( you can find these in bicycle shops) into two equal parts of 18mm long ( stretcher in non-stretched state ).

Step 3: Preparing Cardboard Bar

Cut out a rectangular at the back of the box. Size is not important, although it has to be quite large.

Step 4: Make a Piece of Cardboard of the Same Size

Now cut out a piece of cardboard from a leftover. This needs to be the same size as the piece from the previous step.

Step 5: Squares

Also cut out four squares of the same size ( approximately 50mm to 50mm ). You'll need 18(always in multiples of 3 ) ! Creating three stacks of six high.

Step 6: Stacks of Two

Take two stacks of two cardboard squares, So there are two stacks of four cardboard squares remaining and one stack of six squares .

Step 7: Remove Part

Now cut out a part from both squares, like the examples in the pictures.

Step 8: What, Where and Glue

Put them back on the pile of four squares where you took away two squares. Creating 3 stacks. And put them in the order shown on the pictures and glue them together. After this you glue them to one of the cardboard rectangulars

Step 9: Glue Stretcher

Glue the stretcher into the gap of tbe squares.

Step 10: Finishing the Back

Now glue the other rectangular on the other side of the stacks. Make sure it looks like the photo. .

Step 11: The Edges of the Back

This picture shows how your work should look like so far

Step 12: Glue the Stretcher in the Corner

Glue the stretcher in the corner of the box, as shown in the picture.

Step 13: Result

The chips will be pushed to the front by the stretcher