Chisel Holder

Introduction: Chisel Holder

Step 1: Chisel Holder Piece

Draw the shape of the chisel holder on your piece of metal. The metal has to be at least 3/4 inch thick or it will not hold the chisel like it's designed to.

Step 2: Cutting It Out

Now cut out the shape with a cutting torch. I used a victor acetylene cutting torch with a #1 tip on it to get a good fine cut on the thick metal.

Step 3: Cleaning It Up

Now use a grinder something very abrasive to get the metal that melted onto the holder off.

Step 4: Drilling

Now drill a hole in the holder part then tap the hole. Make sure you drill the hole smaller than the threaded rod so that once you tap the hole it's a tight fit and the rod won't wiggle.
The second pic shows the angle that the rod should be going in so that it will hold the chisel like it's supposed to. I used a drill press to get the perfect angle like I wanted.

Step 5: Making the Handle

I used an old hatchet handle I had laying around for the handle. I drilled a hole in the handle then I tapped the hole so that the rod wouldn't slide out. I put wood glue in the hole to keep the threaded rod from screwing out when I was tightening the rod to hold the Chisel in place. Now let the wood glue dry over night. Then screw the chisel holder part onto the threaded rod with the handle then you have a chose holder.

Step 6: How You Use It

To use this tool you get your chisel or punch and put it in the holder then screw till it's sucre and won't slide out. Then you hold the handle of the chisel hold and then hit the head of the chisel or punch. The main reason for making this tool is so that you don't hit you finders when you miss the head of your punch our chisel.

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