Chisel Rack




Introduction: Chisel Rack

Build a rack to house your wood chisels.

Step 1: Stock

Fashion a piece of wood stock to the dimensions required to accommodate a set of chisels. Measure spacing for holes.

Step 2: Drill

Drill the equidistant holes.

Step 3:

Drill extra spacing for the chisels with wider blades.

Step 4: Back

Fasten the rack to another piece of stock.

Step 5: Stack

Fasten the rack to the workbench and fill with chisels.

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6 years ago

I am not usually one to make comments, but, I do like the rack, and I would put some blade protection on them as your rack position looks like you need a first aid box rather handy( yeah, picky I know) but safety first in workshops.

Jakes  workshop
Jakes workshop

6 years ago

Hah most of my chisels are lying all over my shop, need to build one of this:) Thanks for sharing

I got a bunch of chisels over the summer at garage sales, and was looking for a way to store them. This looks like a great design and I will definitely try it! Thank you!