Choco-Nut Malai




Introduction: Choco-Nut Malai

This is my first instructable.

Who doesn't like chocolate? Everyone does! And what happens if the goodness of nuts is mixed with it? A volcano of taste explodes. Behold the recipe of my "Choco-Nut Malai".

(******Drum beats*****)

haha,well here are the ingredients-

1. Cashew (40 gm)

2. Raisin (8-10 pieces)

3. Cocoa Powder (3 table spoon)

4. Milk (1 glass)

5. Sugar (3 table spoon)

6. Condensed Milk (I bought one from nestle)

7. Some ela

It's very easy to make and requires a little time..Since this isn't cooked over 40 Degree Celsius, it is a raw food of course..

Now lets get started-

Step 1: Step One

To make one glass-choco-malai..

Less than one glass of milk is taken,

Then 10-12 pieces of cashew , 2 table spoon cocoa powder, 3 table spoon sugar, one elaichi, 5-6 pieces of raisen, and 2 table spoon condensed milk is mixed together in a mixer grinder...

See the pictures....oh,it's real hard to take pictures while making something.

Step 2: Step Two

Then when all the cashew is adequately crashed and mixed with milk put it in freezer .

Another glass is taken. Crashed ice and 1 tsp cocoa powder are mixed together

Step 3: Step Three

Then the first mixture is put on the glass so that the layer of icy-cocoa comes out.

Now add some condendnsed milk, cashews and raisen, ice cubes....

And there you have it...............

It's a combo of health and yummy smoothie ..and nutritious too....

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh..this is great. I will surely try to make one, not to mention that I am a noob at cooking.

    And hey, I love chocolates too.

    Looking for more from you..