Introduction: Choco Wine Divine-ified

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Make an ultra sweet and delicious adult smoothie even a man can be proud drinking. 
Fast to make this twist on a wine you can find on your everyday grocery store shelf is sure to make your evening better.

What you'll need.... 

●  Chocolate Rouge wine

● chocolate and vanilla ice cream 

● a blender

● heavy whipping cream

● milk

~Toppings optional-- a Hersey bar, Whip cream, chocolate syrup

Step 1: Make a Smoothie

Make a chocolate smoothie

● take 2 hefty scoops of chocolate ice cream and one hefty scoop of vanilla into the blender. If you'd like a chocolately vanilla smoothie add some vanilla extract; about 2 teaspoons. Add 1/4th cup of milk, half cup heavy whipping cream. 

● blend until well mixed

Step 2: Mature Your Smoothie

● add about 2 cups of chocolate wine to the mixture. If you want a stronger milkshake you can add a shot of vodka or more wine but note that the more you add the more ice cream you will need to make it thicker. You can also add ice cubes which is what I ended up doing. 

-Note it will be a thinner smoothie, however if you want a thicker smoothie only add the half cup of whipping cream and add 4 scoops of chocolate ice cream.

Step 3: Decorate and Inebriate

add whip cream and crumble up the Hersey bar on top of the whip cream. Then douse the top with chocolate syrup. I did not add syrup to mine because I didn't think of it till later because i'm a looser lol. 

Enjoy! <333

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