Introduction: Chocolate Basket - Papercraft

It is fun working on Papercraft. I was looking forward quite for sometime sharing my artwork that i have been learning for the past few weeks. Here is my first paper craft product which I will be naming as " Chocolate basket". This basket holds not only chocolates but also holds flowers, fruits without any damage. I names it specifically chocolate because I love them a lot. Make sure the items you place in basket are not so wet to avoid any damage to the craft.

Once you finish the work, you can gift it to your dear ones, kids or friends. Lets begin to know how to make chocolate basket.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Ordinary newspapers
  • Fevicol (500gms) / or any similar adhesive available in your country
  • Sweater Skewer or similar to a knitting stick
  • Fevicryl Paints for decoration.
  • Fevistik or any glue stick
  • Pen
  • Scissors

Step 2: Step-1: Rolling Papers

  • Take ordinary newspapers and cut them as shown in the figure-1
  • Keep the sweater skewer at an angle and start rolling around it and apply small amount of fevicol/adhesive at the end of the rolled paper. Ensure the roll is properly sticked and complete.. See Figure-2
  • Remove the sweater skewer and Repeat this step to make around 70 paper rolls. See Figure-3
  • Look at the entire process at a glance in Figure-4

Step 3: Step-2: Making the Rings

Now our next step is to make a strong base for the basket/Tray.

  • Take a pen holding it in one hand, take the center of the pen and start rolling with the rolled paper which we prepared in step-1. See figure-5.
  • Join the end to another rolled paper using adhesive/fevicol. Continue rolling and adding rolled papers using fevicol. Ring is ready as shown in the figure -6.
  • Repeat the following to make 20 rings.
  • Look at the entire process at a glance in Figure-7.

Step 4: Step-3: Making the Base of the Tray/Basket

  • Pick any ring, which we prepared in Step-2, and consider it as a center of the base. Stick 6 rings around the circumference of the center ring as shown in the figure-8. Use adhesive/fevicol to stick them altogether.
  • Now take the rolled paper, roll it round the rings as shown in the figure -9 . Continue the process for 4 times using 4 rolled papers. Now the base is ready.
  • Coat the base with fevicol 2 times.
  • Leave it for 1 hour and allow the base with adhesive to dry completely.

Step 5: Step-4: Walls of the Basket

  • Now start placing the rings at right angles to the base adjacent to each other as shown in figure-10 and 11.
  • Make sure the adhesive is applied in right proportions so that rings dont seperate.
  • Stick another set of rolled papers, from step-1, over the vertical rings using fevicol. Continue the process 4 times using 4 rolled papers. See Figure-12.

Step 6: Step-5: Making the Paper Strips

  • In this step, we will make paper strips as shown in figure -13 to connect the vertical rings. These typically act like hinges to stiffen the walls and avoid damage to the product.
  • Fold the paper as shown in the figure and use fevistick.

Step 7: Step-6: Stiffen Vertical Rings (walls) Using Paper Strips

  • Take a paper strip and pass this paper strip through the centers of adjacent rings as shown in the figure-14. Tight the two rings tightly with the strip and paste the strip ends with fevicol (figures-15 and 16). Cut the extra strip with scissors. Repeat the process for all the rings.
  • Now its time to use paper strips to join the rolled papers over the vertical rings and the vertical rings itself. This can be accomplished in a similar way as we did in the earlier case.

Step 8: Step 7: the End

  • We are almost complete. Rest of the part is all about how to make it look more attractive. Choice of colors to paint the product is as per your taste.
  • Before you apply colors, coat the tray with fevicol for 3 times. It will make it hard and stiff.
  • You can decorate the basket with pearls or any other decorative materials.

Congratulations you made a stiffer, beautiful, and attractive basket of your choice using simple constructive material "PAPER".

Comments and queries are welcome. I will try my best to answer all your questions.

Thanks again for reading my first DIY papercraft.


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