Chocolate Box Christmas Tree

Introduction: Chocolate Box Christmas Tree

The idea came about last Christmas when my Mum received this lazer-cut Christmas tree shaped box filled with expensive chocolates. The chocolates were quickly eaten and the box ended up on my junk pile. This year I decided to up-cycle it.

This is far easier if you have the box or something similar but I guess if you're lucky enough to have a lazer cutter you could make one.

Step 1: Items Needed


The box --- Free

15 multi-colour lights --- 99p (the 99p shop)

2m of silver tinsel --- £1 (Wilko)

2x AA batteries --- 99p (the 99p shop)


hot glue gun

masking tape

Stanley Knife

Step 2: Add the Lights

  1. Cut an opening for the cable in the bottom of the box (I did this with a knife but there is probably a better way)
  2. Starting from the last LED start gluing in the lights with hot glue (its useful to keep the lights on for this as they all look clear when off)
  3. Take care with positioning and cable management you don't want visible lights or cable.
  4. Glue the battery box in place at the bottom and route the wires through the hole.

Step 3: Add the Tinsel

  1. Use masking tape to extend the inner edges of the box to contain the tinsel
  2. Stuff the tinsel in and quickly shut the box!
  3. Switch on and enjoy

DO NOT: use bulb type "fairy lights" as they will get far too hot

DO : be careful with hot glue, its easy to burn your fingers

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    7 years ago

    This is very pretty, I like it alot. I am a big fan of cut out boxes an paer items. Great idea.