Introduction: Chocolate Cherry Brownies

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100g unsalted butter
200g dark/plain chocolate
250g castor sugar
4 eggs
100g plain flour
30g drinking chocolate
1 teaspoon baking powder
100g cherry halves


Large mixing bowl
Microwave friendly bowl
Whisk (either electric or hand)
20cm (8") square baking tin

Pre heat your oven to 180ºC to start

Ready? Off we go....

Step 1: Gooey Chocolatey Goodness

In the smaller mixing bowl, put the 100g of butter, and break the 200g of chocolate into it. You need to pop this into a microwave and melt it all together - I tend to do this in 1 minute bursts, and stir in between each one to make sure it doesn't over heat... You don't want it to burn! Keep heating and stirring until it starts to come together, and can be mixed into a gooey mixture combining the butter and chocolate together....

Step 2: Eggs...

Into the large mixing bowl, put your 250g caster sugar and all 4 eggs (broken, preferably... and without the shells...). Using the whisk, mix the two together until light and fluffy.

Once you are happy with the egg/sugar mixture, pour in the chocolate from the previous step. With the whisk again, beat the two together until fully combined.

The mixture should be slow and fluid, as it falls off your spoon....

Step 3: The Dry Ingredients

Add your flour, drinking chocolate, and baking powder to the mixture in the bowl, and stir it all in. Make sure that the ingredients are fully mixed in, not stuck to the side of the bowl!

Into this, add your flavouring - in this case, cherries. Just pop them in and mix well.

Pour the whole mixture into your baking tin, and pop into your pre-heated oven (180C), for around 35 minutes - adjust this to suit your oven...

Step 4: Cool, Cut, Enjoy!

Check that your brownies are cooked by inserting a skewer or similar into the top of the cake - it should come out mostly clean. With the brownies, you can still have a little sticky/dampness on the skewer, to ad to the chewiness.

Leave for a little while, then tip out of the tin, and either eat warm with ice cream, or leave to cool for later.