Chocolate Chip Cookies Instructions for Beginners

Introduction: Chocolate Chip Cookies Instructions for Beginners

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

For Beginners Learning to bake can be a fun and challenging task. While learning to bake it is good to start with the basics. In this instruction set, we will be teaching you the basics of baking through the use of measurements and mixing when making chocolate chip cookies. What makes our recipe unique is that it provides you with very guided images and instructions to help in completing beginner cooking tasks. We hope that with this set of instructions that you learn the fundamentals of baking and have a fun time doing so.

The oven will be hot, be sure not to wear loose jewelry and clothing. Wearing loose articles of clothing or jewelry will prevent anything from catching on fire due to the heat from the oven.


Gather Ingredients and Materials

First, you will need to gather the required ingredients and materials, listed below:
Ingredients (Nestle Toll House)

-2 ¼ cups any brand all-purpose flour

-1 teaspoon any brand baking soda

-1 teaspoon salt

-1 cup (2 sticks) of softened butter**

-¾ cups granulated sugar

-¾ cups brown sugar (packed)

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-2 large eggs

-2 cups or 10 oz. bag of chocolate chips (either milk, dark, or semi-sweet)

**To soften butter, leave out at room temperature for several hours.


- 1 large mixing bowl

- 1 small mixing bowl

-1 whisk

-1 electric mixer

-Baking Sheet

-Wire cooling rack

-Wax or parchment paper

-1 tablespoon and a teaspoon from a set

-1 cup (dry)

-¼ cup (dry)

Step 1: Making the Cookies

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

Step 2:

Get out the smaller mixing bowl. Use the dry 1-cup measuring cup to scoop up two cups total of the all-purpose flour. Use the teaspoon to scoop 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt. Combine these ingredients into the small bowl and mix with the whisk.

Step 3:

Get out the bigger mixing bowl, add the two sticks of softened butter. Use the ¼ dry cup, and scoop sugar out three times to equal ¾ of a cup. Then use the ¼ cup again to pack the brown sugar into it three times to equal ¾. Get out the 1 teaspoon measurer and pour the vanilla extract into it and put it into the mixing bowl.

Step 4:

Beat all of the ingredients from step 3 together, and then add an egg one at a time, continuing to use the electric mixer.

Step 5:

Add in the flour mixture a little bit at a time with the electric mixer.

Step 6:

Stop the electric mixer, and stir in either the 10 oz. bag of chocolate chips or the 2 cups of it.

Step 7:

Get out the baking sheet.

Step 8:

Get out the tablespoon and use it to scoop dough onto the cookie sheet, and put them an inch or two apart.

Step 9:

Put the baking sheet with the dough on it into the oven for 9-11 minutes or whenever the cookie is golden on the edges.

Step 10:

Let the baking sheets cool for 2 minutes. Get out wire racks and tear parchment paper to put under the wire racks.

Step 11:

Repeat Steps 8-10 until the dough is all used and all of the cookies are made.

Step 12: Conclusion

Now that the recipe is complete you can sit back and enjoy your delicious creation and your newly learned baking skills. Since learning how to measure and mix ingredients is a very important part of baking, these skills can be applied to any basic recipes you hope to make. While baking can be very challenging it is at the same time a very fun hobby to learn and take part of. We hope that you've enjoyed this new found skill with the use of these instructions and that you apply the recipe in future baking practices.

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