Introduction: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

Hey guys! Thank you for choosing my chocolate chip peanut butter cookie recipe. If you are looking for a sweet and savory treat, then you are on the right instructable! I promise, these cookies will not disappoint you! I hope you have as much fun making (and eating) them as I did! Thanks again!

Step 1: Get the Ingredients!

Here are the ingredients:

1: One cup of butter

2: One cup of brown sugar

3: One cup of white sugar

4: One tsp. of pure vanilla extract

5: Two eggs

6: Two cups of peanut butter

7: Three cups of flour

8: 1/8 of a tsp. of salt

9: Two tsp. of baking soda

10: Two cookie baking sheets

11: Two cooling racks

12: One small bowl and one big bowl

13: Electric mixer or wire whisk to mix ingredients

14: One bag (12 oz) of semi-sweet chocolate chips (any brand)

15: Non-stick cooking spray (like Pam)

Step 2: Let's Start!

For the first step, you are going to put your cup of butter into your small bowl and soften it for 45 seconds in the microwave. After that, put it in the mixer along with the 1 cup of white sugar, and 1 cup of brown sugar. Mix well with a wire whisk or electric mixer.

Step 3: an EGGcellent Step!

I know, I know, you hate the puns. I'll stop.

Next, clean your small bowl and crack the 2 eggs into it. This will prevent any eggshells from getting into the mix. Pour one egg at a time in the mixer and beat well. Then add 1 tsp. of vanilla extract and mix well.

Step 4: Dry Ingredients

I knew that big bowl would come in handy sooner or later! In the bowl, put in all of your "dry ingredients" -- the 3 cups of flour, 1/8 tsp. of salt, and 2 tsp. of baking soda. Add the "dry ingredients" into the mixture of "wet ingredients" -- butter, brown and white sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract. Mix well.

Step 5: You BUTTER Believe This Is Another Step!

Sorry! I couldn't resist myself! I promise. From now on, no more puns!

Stir in your 2 cups of peanut butter and mix VERY well. Peanut butter is a stubborn ingredient. After that, pour in the chocolate chips. Yes, the whole bag. You want to balance out the peanut flavor with the chocolate flavor.

Step 6: Pam Time!

While you are waiting for that to mix, pre-heat the oven to 370 degrees Fahrenheit (187 degrees Celsius) Then, lay out your 2 cookie sheets and spray them with the non-stick cooking spray. (Pam)

Step 7: Delicious Cookie Dough!

Get a spoon and scoop about 2 Tbsp. of dough. Roll it into a ball with your hands and place it on the pan 2 inches apart. Look at the pictures for details. When you cover both pans with delicious cookie dough balls, I like to take a fork and make criss-cross patterns on the cookies. Like the pictures. But that's up to you.

Step 8: Put the Cookies in the Oven!

When the oven is fully pre-heated, put the cookies in the oven and set a timer for 8-10 minutes. Get your cooling racks ready.

Step 9: Finally!

Yay! The cookies are done! But wait, you need to let them sit on the pan for at least 5 minutes. Otherwise they fall apart. They need this time to firm up. After that, get your spatula and carefully peel them off the pan. Then, put them on your cooling racks.

Step 10: Your Done!!

Yes! You did it! Good job. You can do whatever you want to them now. You can eat all of them in one second, share them with friends and family, hoard them and have only one a day, or just put them in a Tupperware and save them. It’s your choice! Thank you for trying my recipe. I hope you had a lot of fun making them. Good job and I really hope you don’t get burned like I did. Please vote for me and Happy Baking!

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