Introduction: Chocolate Dragon Egg and Head Cupcake Toppers

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How to make chocolate Dragon themed cupcake toppers.(video above) I was inspired to make these by one of my favorite TV shows Game of Thrones on HBO. I decorated my cupcakes with fire made from hard candy.

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Things needed:

Chocolate fondant or modeling chocolate

Dark green, light green, burgundy and light orange fondant

Green, orange, yellow, black and brown food color


#12 WIlton decorator tip

Step 1: Make Chocolate Eggs

Start with a ball of chocolate fondant or modeling chocolate. I used chocolate fondant.

Roll it into an egg shape by putting pressure on one end. They don't have to be perfect egg shapes. You need to make one for each cupcake.

Step 2: Add Scales to Dragon Egg

To make the dragon eggs cut a bunch of small circles out of fondant. I used green and burgundy fondant and a #12 decorator tip. .

Start at the tip of the chocolate egg and attach a row of the fondant circles. Use a little water to attach if needed. They should overlap each other slightly.

Add additional rows of the circles overlapping each other and overlapping the row above. Cover the entire egg with the scales.

Step 3: Make Dragon Eyes

Cut an oval shape out of colored fondant. I used light orange and light green. Attach it to one of the chocolate eggs where you want the eye to go.

Mix some food color with a little bit of vodka and paint the entire eye so that it has different shadings of color.

Make a darker shade of color and paint around the edge of the eye leaving a circle of the lighter shade in the middle of the eye.

Step 4: Add Dragon Head Details

Before adding the scales, roll small snakes of chocolate fondant. Attach them above and below the eye.

Cut a bunch of circles from your chocolate fondant. Start around the eye attaching them so they overlap slightly.

Then cover the egg with overlapping circles. You don't need to cover the bottom. I didn't cover the back since it was hidden with the candy fire.

I mixed some brown food color with a little vodka and painted the head to give it some highlights.

Using a edible black marker or a toothpick and some black food color, paint on the eye's pupil. I did this at the end to give the eye time to dry.

Step 5: Decorate Cupcakes

Place them on your cupcakes using whatever frosting you want. Add whatever additional decorations. I made some fire using hard candies. I used chocolate frosting for the dragon eggs sprinkled with crushed Oreo cookies.

I swirled red, orange and yellow buttercream for the dragon heads.

I cover this how to make the candy fire in the video if interested.