Introduction: Chocolate Machine

Cardboard chocolate machines....
It looks like easy to made, but it took a lot of time, lot of cardboard, lot glue. It just broke my mind.
I took a lot attempts to built until I reach my satisfaction. There are another resources like youtube, but I want to build my own chocolate machine with my own design. some funny:

I started thinking to how to design and where to start, then I got idea the designs drawing on paper, building prototype on my mind. It took three days for design only. That I taught the design was ready and start to make it. I started building that I made inside main part called coin lock. This coin lock takes the coin inserted and removes lock to push the chocolate outside. It took 7 days to recover all problems faced. Even though but a problem was left. I didn't catch it.
I made remaining parts in 14days i think it took more time. Finally red wrapper should be pasted on its body to my satisfaction I made with my two hands without any others support. And I included some extra features to it. Even though I did caught that mistake what I left, this is an big twist that I was understood after I published in my SCIENCE FAIR 2019 in my college.
W come in a big rush they controlled machine in rough way. Actually there are two machines inside it, one is for kopiko chocolate and other for 5star chocolate. With rough handling kopiko was destroyed totally. I have only 5tar chocolate machine is lightly alive. I managed until the judge comes. There is a funny thing happened that, judge has come to me and asked is it working? Oh yes it is working and I inserted a coin in machine in front of judge.
The funny thing is the coin was stuck inside the machine, and I pushed the switch to get the chocolate outside. The chocolate was not coming. I don't know that coin was stuck inside it and I was praying god. My voulenteer accidentally kicked the machine at that time of moment. And then the chocolate come outside. Oh God! Thankyou so much. And the judge was satisfied and he given good marks. And I got the First prize.
But! I didn't satisfied, and the problem what I left is the cardboard what I used is weak. Actually I tested the cardboard and built the machine. But I don't know that rush can't handle.
Finally I got the solution, I bought the new cardboard and rebuilded it within two days.

The only thing I made this machine before this contest was announced. I made some photos and some are missing in my device.
I can't able to make other due to pandemic lockdown. But I can suggest and explain your doubts.

please note ypur doubts in comment session.



Hot glue


Scale and pencil

Gift wrapper (red)

White paper

Step 1: Coin Locker

This coin locker allows the coin inserted and unlocks the chocolate pushed outside.
It is a simple mechanism, people can easily understand that how it works by looking it.

Step 2: Chocolate Storage

There is rectangle tube, on the locker.
Here the chocolates are arranged one over the other.
If the chocolates are not arranged properly the machine stuck and got damage.

Step 3: Coin Mechanism

The locker is place inside the cardboard box.
There is an coin arrangement beside the locked, that is used when we inserted a coin from outside the coin moves slowly on arrangement and falls on the locker.
Due to coin weight the locker unlocks the switch. When the switch is pushed the chocolate comes outside. The switch will be present on outside.
If the person inserted wrong coin, the machine payback the wrong coin. It only takes the correct coin.

Step 4: External Body

I built this machine on 3 feet height.
You can see the red light is for wrong coin recieving slot.
Light blue slot at bottom is for chocolate receiving.
At middle there slot that coin received is stored in it.

Step 5: Instructions

Im made some instruction stickers that people can understand that how to operate it.
I also displayed the chocolates whatever the chocolates available.

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