Introduction: Chocolate Meringues

Deliciousness made easy. Meringues can be daunting but once you have knack you can whip them up pretty quickly with brilliant results. Plain meringues are dairy, gluten, cholesterol and fat free - a dieters dream!

This instructable will take you through making meringues with a chocolatey twist (still gluten free!), served with a chocolate and blackberry sauce. MmmmMMMmmmmm....!!

Step 1: What You Will Need


- 4 eggs at room temperature

- 1 cup white sugar

- 2 tbsp. cocoa

- chocolate drops (kisses)

- Electric cake mixer


- 1/3 c water

- 1/3 cup white sugar

- 1/4 cup cocoa

- pinch of salt

- 1/4 cup blackberries (or other fruit to suit)

Step 2: Preparing the Meringue Mix

Separate the eggs so you have four egg whites. My husband make custard or adds another egg and has very yolky scrambled eggs with the remaining yolks :)

Put the egg whites into the cake mixer and beat until they are fluffy and stiff. This takes about 2-3 mins at 6 in my Kitchenaid. Continue beating and start adding the sugar slowly - do not dump it all in! Beat until the mix takes on a glossy look and is not too gritty when you rub some between your fingers.

Remove the bowl and sift the cocoa into the mix. Fold it in carefully with a spatula until mixed.

Step 3: Baking the Meringues

The mix is now ready to be spooned or piped onto your tray. Turn your oven on to 250f/120c and make sure the shelf is in the lower middle of the oven.

Put a sheet of baking/parchment paper over a baking tray and spoon small amounts onto the tray. Pop a chocolate drop on the top and cover it with a little more mix. Use the back of your spoon to gently swirl around the outside shaping the meringue into a circle. Allow a little room for spreading.

Slide them into the oven and bake them for 1 to1.5 hours. Low and slow is the secret! They need to be dry, but not brown. If you take them out and they are still sticky in the middle they may need more time in (unless you like them like that of course!). I usually switch off the oven at an hour and a quarter and just leave them in there until the oven has cooled completely.

Step 4: Making the Sauce and Serving

Put the water, sugar, cocoa, blackberries and salt into a small pot and over a medium heat bring to a simmer. Stir continuously, breaking up the blackberries with your stirring spoon.

Drizzle some of the sauce over the meringues and serve alone, with whipped cream or ice cream :)


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