Introduction: Chocolate Mini Apples

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We can buy these small and beautiful apples; they are perfect for chocolate or caramel apples. Now, with Christmas time approaching, it's good to know a few recipes of quickly done sweets. Of course you can use the normal size apples or dunk them in melted caramel. I used chocolate.

Step 1:

You need:

6 small Apples
100 g dark Chocolate

different toppings like "hundred-Thousands",

Chocolate sprinkles,

Sugar Stars,

colorful Sugar sprinkles,



or melted white Chocolate.

6 wooden Skewers

Baking Paper

Step 2:

Put the apples into the fridge while preparing the rest. Chocolate will stick better to the skin if that is cold.

Meanwhile chop the chocolate and melt it in a Bain Marie.

Prepare the toppings in small bowls.

Take the apples from the fridge and push one skewer into each core of the apples.

Step 3:

Now turn the apples in the melted chocolate, so they are covered all over, then lift them up and let excess drip off.

Step 4:

Now turn each apple in your desired topping and stand them up on the baking paper to cool.

Step 5:

Tip:They are not only perfect for Christmas, but also for a party buffet, birthday celebration, Christening or any kind of celebration. Use colors to match the celebration theme, for example, use white chocolate for a Christening.

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