Introduction: Chocolate Mousse Wanton Blossoms

For my first ever instructable, I decided to make these chocolate mousse filled wantons.

They are super easy and take less than 30 minutes, but they look fancy and taste amazing!

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

1 Package of Wantons

1 Tablespoon Butter

1/4 Cup Sugar

1 Tablespoon Cocoa

2 Tablespoons Powdered Sugar

1/2 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream

Step 2: Prepare the Wantons

Start by melting the butter in the microwave. Lay a wanton on a plate or clean counter. Brush on the melted butter and then sprinkle a pinch of sugar evenly over it. Flip it over and do the same on that side. Repeat with 23 more wantons.

Step 3: Wanton Cups

Center a wanton over a hole in a mini muffin tin. Gently press the center down to the bottom of the tin. The sides of the wanton should start to fold toward the center. Pinch them lightly and then press them against the sides of the tin. Repeat with the rest. The first one may be a bit tricky, but after you finish one, the others should only take a few seconds each.

Bake at 375°F for 6 minutes, or until the corners are golden brown. Let them sit in the pan for a minute and then place them on a cooling rack.

Step 4: Chocolate Mousse

While the Wantons cool, make the chocolate mousse. Add the heavy cream, cocoa, and powdered sugar to a mixing bowl. Beat with a hand mixer on medium speed until stiff peaks form.

Step 5: Filling the Wantons

Make sure the wantons are cool before filling. Scoop the mousse into a piping bag and cut the tip off of it, about a 1/4" up. Pipe the mousse into the wanton cups. Eat them immediately or keep refrigerated up to 1 day.

The mousse won't store for very long, but you can make the wanton cups and store for several days.

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