Introduction: Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

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I'm going to let you know how I decorated this. I will assume you know how to make cake and ganache and fondant, if you don't you can buy these things ready made or can most likely get an instruction on here.

I will go through the harder things.

Step 1: Cake

To make the sponge I used a five egg mixture for each half of the sphere. This didn't reach the top of the tin, hence the use of a round tin to fill the gap (this only needed a 3 egg mix).

I joined the three sections once cooled with plain chocolate ganache as this sets better for holding shape. I covered the completed ball in white chocolate ganache which was coloured orange. I rolled out some fondant and cut out my pumpkin face and placed it on. I then sat it in the fridge to set.

Step 2: Glass

You need:
2 part Granulated sugar to 1 part water
High rimmed baking sheet

You do:
Put both water and sugar in the pan and boil until sugar dissolves. Reduce heat to medium-high, and cook until mixture just starts to turn pale brown around edges. Be careful as boiling sugar can burn, this includes the pan, don't put directly onto a burn able surface. Remove from heat, and immediately pour caramel onto a rimmed baking sheet. Working quickly, with a spatula spread around the pan sheet to make a thin layer. Leave to go hard and smash up.

Step 3: Roses

You need:

I used fondant for my roses on this cake due to lack of time but would have used modelling chocolate, it is easier to work with.

You do:

Make balls and roll out flat. Cut in half, these are petals. Make a cone shape and wrap the first petal right round it. Your second petal should be laid half way then the third put under neath before finishing off, then the same or the fourth etc I do about 7 petals. Nothing superstitious, I just do.

Step 4: Assemble

Place flowers on the cake and start sticking in the glass. I squirted raspberry sauce over the glass in an effort to make it creepy.

Happy Halloween! xXx

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