Introduction: Chocolate Pumpkins

In this Instructable I'll teach you how to make quick and easy modeling chocolate, you can use this recipe to make almost anything you like, in the past I have done small figurines, roses and just general decorations for cakes.

Step 1: Chocolate Pumpkins

Ingredient and Supplies needed:

White chocolate

Corn syrup or golden syrup

Red/pink and Yellow food coloring

Green icing


Food storage bag or cling film

Small pan or microwave


Step 2: Measure Out Ingredients

Brake the chocolate up as much as you can and measure out a 4 to 1 chocolate to golden syrup ratio.

Put in the bowl and gently melt until it all comes together, you can either use a bowl on a small pan of simmering water or microwave slowly, making sure to stir.

Mix until it comes away from the sides and resembles a dough like texture.

Step 3: Add the Food Coloring and Knead

Place in the food bag and knead together adding the food coloring bit by bit until you get the color you want.

Knead it well until it's soft and pliable.

Let it rest for 15 minutes or so before continuing.

Step 4: Roll Into Balls

Start by taking a small amount and rolling it in the palm of your hands until you get a smooth ball, then squish slightly to get a slight pumpkin shape, then using the toothpick slowly press from the top to the bottom of the ball going along to look like a pumpkin.

Step 5: Finish It Off

Finish it off by putting some green icing on the top.

I found that if you do three small blobs that it'll look more pumpkinny.

And your done, enjoy your creations, you can also use the modeling chocolate to make pretty much anything you like. I'll probably make something similar for Christmas treats too!

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