Introduction: Chocolate Chip/M&M Cookies!!

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies and M&M's? Why not mix them together and have chocolate chip M&M cookies!

Step 1:

All you need is Chocolate chip cookies dough, a pan, wax paper, M&M's. and an oven!

Step 2:

You make little cookie dough balls and place them on the pan!

Step 3:

You then place as many M&M's in the cookie dough as you want.

Step 4:

You place the wax paper over the cookie balls, then flip the pan over and place the wax paper on the pan, and put more M&M's on the other side of the Cookie balls!

Step 5:

Set them in the oven for 15-20 minutes and wait for them to cook!

Step 6:

Check them after 15 minutes to see if there done!

Step 7:

Take the cookies out for them to cool down!

Step 8: