Introduction: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

Chocolate covered strawberry roses combine all of my favorite gifts to receive on Valentine’s Day. This delicious recipe would make a wonderful present to that special someone.

Step 1: Chocolate Plastic


Chocolate plastic or molding chocolate

Food coloring

Strawberries (small)

Fake roses


Powdered sugar

Chocolate Plastic

First step is making the Chocolate plastic. Chocolate plastic is a delicious, versatile chocolate paste that can be used to decorate cakes and many other pastries. I am using white chocolate but this recipe can also be made with milk or dark chocolate. The procedures for milk chocolate is the same, but if you are going to use dark chocolate, increase the amount of corn syrup to 2/3 cup.  However you cannot achieve the same coloring effects when using milk or dark chocolate.


1 lb white chocolate

1/2 cup light corn syrup

Place your chocolate in a large microwave-safe bowl.

Microwave the chocolate until melted, mixing every 30 seconds to avoid overheating the chocolate. It took me 1 minute and a half to fully melt my chocolate.

Add the corn syrup and stir until the mixture is thoroughly combined.

Scoop the chocolate onto a large sheet of plastic wrap, and wrap it securely. Allow the chocolate to cool and solidify at room temperature, for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Step 2: Making Circles

Knead your chocolate to soften it up. Separate into eight equal pieces you will probably only need seven but it’s nice to have a backup just in case you make a mistake or can’t resist eating one like I couldn’t.

Use your food coloring to dye your roses. I chose to do a rainbow pastel color scheme. Six different colors for petals, green for leaves and one left white. I used one drop of food coloring for each piece but you can use to or three for a more intense color effect. When you are not using your chocolate cover it tightly with plastic wrap and store it in your refrigerator if your workspace is warm.

Roll out your chocolate to a very thin layer no more then 1/8 inch thick.   Use a small round cutter (1.5 inches) to cut circles from the plastic. If you don’t have a cutter you can make one from a small water bottle like I did.

You will need to cut out nine circles for petals and save what you have leftover to cover the strawberry. Repeat this step for every color you have expect for green. With your green roll it out and cut leaf shapes out from it and set them aside for later one or two for each flower.

Step 3: Maing Roses

Wash six strawberries and remove the stems. Dry the strawberries very well or you will have a hard time sticking the chocolate. Use your leftover piece and roll it out then cover your strawberry with it.

Now to add the petals, start by rubbing the petals edges. Smooth them out and make them paper thin. Press firmly and wrap the petals around the strawberry in a spiral pattern. Pull the top of the petals back for a blooming look. Repeat Until all if the petals are on the flower. If the pieces get to soft and warm store them in the refrigerator for a few minutes. I had to do this after every three or four petals.

Get out your green leaves and rub them smooth and then use a knife and lightly mark leaf lines. Be careful not to cut through the leaf. Attach your leaves to your flower by pressing them on.

Get out your fake roses and remove the petals leaving only the stems. Gently push the roses onto the tops of the stems. Place your delicious bouquet in a vase and give them to someone special.

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