Chocolate Cupcake Nails!

Introduction: Chocolate Cupcake Nails!

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This is such a cute nail art design and is extremely easy. I found this design on a youtube channel called cutepolish.

Oh, I forgot to add the requirements , so I put them at the end. Sorry.

Read on...

Step 1: Base Coat

Apply your base coat.

After that has dried, paint your nails a nice pastel color. I prefer pink.

This is a good time to apply a matte top coat as it will really add to the effect. ( unfortunately I don't have one:(

Step 2: Drips!

Using your dotting tool or bobby pin or whatever, dip it in brown and drag the polish from the middle to the tip of your nail. Press a little first, then drag with reducing pressure. There, a drip! Now just make a few more and join them at the top.
It may need a bit of practice. My thumb was not great, but the rest of my fingers turned out better.

Step 3: Garnish

Make sprinkles with a white striper or nail art brush.

Then, just color them in, leaving some white.

Step 4: Done!

Enjoy your cupcake nails!

Step 5: What You Need.

Your cupcake colors, pink and brown for me

Sprinkle colors, anything, but white is to make the colors pop.

Base and top coat.

Dotting tools or bobby pins.

Stripers or nail art brushes.

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