Introduction: Chocolate IPad 2

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Looking to get an iPad 2 but don't have all that cash to shell out? No problem.  This delicious and creative piece will have all of your friends talking about how unique and yummy your brand new white iPad is.  Create this masterpiece showcasing any of the hundreds of thousands of apps available, complete with front and rear facing chocolate cameras.

Learn how to create your very own chocolate iPad by following this simple instructable.

Please let me know what you think, any questions are welcomed.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

I have simplified the necessary tools and materials needed to create this iPad, however you can be as intricate and advanced as you wish. 

Here is a list of the necessary items:
parchment paper
flat surface (a large dish or sheet pan is great, this must be able to fit into the refrigerator)
zip top bag
pastry tip (optional)
paint brushes (very fine, cleaned and sanitized - chemical free)
melting chocolate (white and dark)

Step 2: Chose a Picture

Here I have made an iPad, but this method can be used for any photo of your choice. 
To begin find a picture, preferably one with good contrast. 
Using the photo editing software of your choice (or an iPad app) increase the sharpness and convert the photo to black and white until you can see only two or three shades in the image. 
Flip the picture vertically (this will give the mirrored image) before printing the image to the preferred size. 

Step 3: Construct Your Canvas

We are working in reverse here (ie what you see is really the mirrored image)
Place your paper face up on the flat surface you have chosen and tape it down well.  It is important to tape it flat to prevent curling.
Cover the picture with a piece of parchment paper and tape that down as well.  You may need a very sticky tape like duck tape to get it to stay in place.

Step 4: Melting the Chocolate

Melting the chocolate is very simple and can be done using one of two methods.

Method 1: double boiler.
Simply fill a small pan with water and bring to a boil.  Place a (metal) bowl (must be heat safe so it wont melt) over the pan but make sure the water does not touch the bottom.  Place the chocolate in the bowl and stir to melt. 

Method 2: microwave
Place chocolate in microwave safe bowl or cup and microwave on half power in short intervals stirring every 15- 30 seconds after the first minute.  Be sure not to overheat as the chocolate will cease up and become hard. 

Melt both white and dark chocolate separately.

Step 5: Time to Paint!

Painting with chocolate is much easier than you may first think.  It is important to have runny chocolate to achieve a crisp finished piece. Start by painting the outermost color first (ie those colors you will see in the foreground) and work your way to the background colors. 
For the iPad I started doing the most intricate parts of dark, white, and a mixed chocolate for the apps.
To layer colors without bleeding simply place the piece in the refrigerator between applications to harden the chocolate for painting over.

If you would like to use colors other than the shades created with chocolate and vanilla, I suggest using colored candy melts.  Do not experiment with food coloring that is water based as this would cause the chocolate to seize up and harden.  Food color gels may be used but requires some experimenting.  I usually purchase multicolored candy melts and pick out the colors I need to melt.

Step 6: Flood the Background

After painting the intricate details it is time to flood the background of the piece in a solid color.
The iPad needs to be flooded twice since the screen consists of dark chocolate and the sides and backing is white chocolate.
First I outlined the screen with the dark chocolate then filled it in.  After letting that set up in the refrigerator I did the same with the white chocolate, making sure to get a thick layer to solidify the chocolate and create a substantial bar. 

To ease flooding I use a zip top bag with the end cut off and a simply pastry tip (optional) at the end.  Place the bag in a cup to make pouring the chocolate into the bag easier and snip the tip off of the bag.  Careful, if the chocolate is too hot it may be too runny to work with.

Step 7: Refrigerate and Reveal!

It is important to refrigerate (NOT FREEZE) the chocolate to encourage proper setting.  after spending an hour or so in the refrigerator to fully solidify it is time to reveal your masterpiece.  Flip the piece into your hand and pull the parchment paper away from the face.  Shave off any uneven or wavy sides to create a crisp outline for the iPad.  Now you can wrap it up, gift in in an iPad box or gather your friends and take a bite out of an app.  Enjoy!

Note: do not handle iPad too much as it will melt in your hands and leave fingerprints. 

Step 8: Time to Eat!

Here is my sister taking the first bite of the delicious chocolate iPad.
The white chocolate was delicious and perfect against the milk chocolate screen.  Be creative, use any flavor you'd like. Raspberry, cherry, orange, etc.  Share your creations as I''d love to hear how the different flavor pairings turn out.

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