Introduction: Chocolate Molds With Household Items

My girlfriend likes dinosaurs, and everybody loves chocolate... so why not combine both and make a nice gift for her!
It was christmas eve and I couldn't decide what to give her, when suddenly it hit me: chocolate dinosaurs, but I needed special items for it's manufacture. This is how I came up with this. Note that there are better ways for doing this, but if you are in a hurry and you can't go and buy silicone putty or stuff like that, this instructable could save you.

Yoy will need:
-Silicone gun
-Childrens modeling clay
-Regular food oil
-Plain chocolate, not filled or anything.
-Metal pan for the melting

Step 1: Choose Your Chocolate Shape

She always draws this guy, and I thought it would look nice made out of chocolate.

Step 2: Make Your Shape's Positive With Modeling Clay

Do this always having in mind that this will be made out of chocolate: Depending on the chocolate you chose, it could be more or less fragile, and if you put too much detail and easy-to-break parts on the positive, you will end up with a mess. The chocolate brand I chose produces a very soft and fragile chocolate (and... hush! it's very cheap too) but I didn't have much trouble with it anyway. I broke some dinosaur tails on the demolding process, but I put them back together easily aplying some molten chocolate as glue.

Step 3: Cover the Positive and Your Working Surface With Food Oil

This will help you on the demolding process. Your working surface must not stick to the silicone, or else you wont be able to recover your mold.

Step 4: Make Hot Silicone Rain

Thoroughly cover your clay shape with hoy silicone. Be fast, as it hardens fast. Don't let any holes on the mold. Depending on the shape size, you could be using a lot of silicone. Be ready with another silicone tube in case you run out.
Let it harden, and let it lower its temperature or else the clay will be too soft and messy.

Step 5: Remove Clay

This process could be not as pretty as you want it to be. Your clay shape will most probably end up destroyed (not good if you want to make a lot of equal molds), and you could struggle a little in order to get a clean free-of-clay mold. This is the part where I ask you to improve this step, changing the modeling clay for another material that fits this purpose.
I guarantee you two things:
     1) you will at least get ONE very nice mold, very detailed, flexible and reusable. But
     2) unless you want to make just one chocolate shape, this is painful, because you will need to make them one by one, melting the chocolate again and again until it is over. Help us fix the clay problem!

Step 6: Melt Chocolate

Put the chocolate in the metal pan and heat it in a hot water bath. Dont let any little tiny molecule of water touch your chocolate. I've never seen it but I've been told that this kind of ruins the chocolate consistency and look.

Step 7: Pour Chocolate and Let Harden

Pretty straight forward. I put them in the fridge.

Step 8: Demold and Be Proud

Congratulations! your custom made chocolate shape is done!

Now use your creativity and make a nice custom made package. I wrapped them with aluminium foil and made a simple logo for the box.

P.S.: Pictures will be improved.

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