Introduction: Chocotini With "Olive" Truffle

This chocolate flavored cocktail doesn't taste anything like a martini, but it's served in a martini glass and tastes of chocolate!

Step 1: Materials

For the "Olive" Truffles:
4oz. Dark Chocolate, chopped up into small pieces
2oz. Dark Chocolate, chopped up into small pieces (seperate from above)
1/4 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream/Double Cream (40% fat cream)
1.5 tsp of a liquor (optional) - Kahlua, Frangelico, whatever you like truffles to be flavored with
Sauce pan
Heat proof bowl (one that won't melt when hot cream is put in it)
An apple, cut in half, on a plate
Double boiler set up (a sauce pan and a metal bowl that fits in the sauce without falling in it)

For the stencil:
Print out of stencil pattern/paper
Cocoa powder
Tea strainer/powered sugar shaker
Exacto knife, clean and sharp
Bit of clear tape
Paper towel

For the cocktail:
1.5oz. of Vodka
1.5oz. of a Chocolate Liquor (Mozart Black, Creme de Cacao, etc.)
0.5oz of the same liquor used in the truffles (optional)
Cocktail shaker
Ice Cubes
Martini Glasses

Step 2: Make the "Olive" Truffles

Step 3: Cut Out the Stencil

Cut out the stencil
1. Print out the stencil.
2. Carefully cut out the letters using the pen knife. Be sure to cut on the cutting mat and don't press too hard with the exacto knife. The thin blades can snap and fly up, usually towards the eyes. Wear safety goggles, if you wish.
Note: I will attach the "chocolate" stencil for printing soon. You can also make your own if you have software that lets you manipulate text.

Other shapes:
You can cut out other shapes with some paper and scissors. Shapes like snowflakes and hearts can be done, but be sure they will fit in the glass.

Stenciling the cocoa onto the glass
1. Gently wet the glass where the stencil will go with a moist paper towel (water or the vodka will work).
2. Tape the cut out stencil into the glass.
3. Pat the stencil down with the moist paper towel to stick it down to the glass.
4. Put some cocoa in the tea strainer.
5. Hold the martini glass with stencil over the sink, pointing downwards. This is so the loose cocoa powder doesn't fall in to the glass.
6. Gently tap some cocoa powder onto the stencil, covering all the cut out parts.
7. While stil holding the glass upside down over the sink, carefully remove the stencil, tape piece first, pull the paper away from the glass, not dragging it across the glass.
7. Gently place your glass down, so as not to disturb the cocoa stencil.

Make as many stencils as you need and reuse them if possible. You can make as many stencils as you need ahead of time, if this is for a party.

Step 4: Make the Cocktail and Enjoy!

Make the cocktail
1. Put some ice cubes in the martini shaker.
2. Add the Vodka, chocolate liquor and any other liquors you're using.
3. Shake, then gently pour into the glass. Don't overflow onto the text, the liquor will wash away the cocoa powder.
4. Add a chocolate olive and enjoy!

This amount of liquor makes 1 serving.

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