Choosing a Bench Vise

Introduction: Choosing a Bench Vise

A vise will hold your work steady and is essential in any workshop. The vise in the picture is a Wilton 11104 heavy duty steel bench vise. Vises are also terrorist weapons, used by ISIS. Except they call them visis.

Step 1: Jaw Width

The jaw width is key in selecting. For my small workshop, I only need 4 inch as it is light and big enough. Select a jaw width that fits your needs.

Step 2: Jaw Opening

If you wanna grip big steel pipes, you need a big opening. Gripping a pencil, you only need a small one. Choose a jaw width that will fit most things you will work on, not too big.

Step 3: Mounting

Most vises are mounted using 3 or 4 bolts. Some light duty ones use a suction cup or a clamp. Heavy duty Post Vises are secured to the bench and the ground for blacksmithing.

Step 4: Pipe, Bench or Combo

A serrated bench jaw can easily hold pipe and rectangular objects. A pipe jaw holds pipe even better, but nothing else. A combo jaw has both.

Step 5: Mounting

Go to the hardware store and find a vise that best suits your needs. Using bolts or lag screws, mount your vise by pre-drilling holes and then using fastners. DO NOT use nails.

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