Introduction: Choosing Clothes Machine

This machine can help people that have difficulties choosing their wearings. When the person presses the button, the machine will randomly choose a top and a bottom for the person. The person could make much cardboard as they want, so they could have more choices.

Step 1: Materials

- Breadboard

- A box for decoration

- Jumper wires

- Light bulb

- A button

Step 2: Connect the Jumpers to Arduino

picture 1. connect the button

picture 2~4. connect the jumpers and light bulb

Step 3: Make the Additional Decorations

step 1. Cut the pictures of the clothes

step 2. Glue them on cardboard to make sure it is not soft

step 3. Cut a hole in the box and put the button in the hole

step 4. Stick velcro on the picture and also on the box

Step 4: Circuits

Step 5: Code

Step 6: Finish!