Introduction: Chop-saw Stand Out of Pallets

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First off, I want to apologize for the low quality of the pics, but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies.

Here are the tools you will need.


Smooth-end hammer. ( not a waffle-end one, as shown in the pic, this will dent your crow bar.)

Tape Measure

Eye and ear protection. Safety is #1 priority.



3'' Deck Screws

5'' Deck Screws



Scrap wood or pallets which I am using.

Ok, let's get started.

Step 2: Wood.

So. If you have pallets you will want the middle boards. Using your crowbar and hammer, use the hammer to get the crowbar under the top (Or bottom, doesn't matter since you have to do both) panels, And pry up them. Once you have the middle boards out, there may be some nails that tore from the wood. Use the crowbar's slotted end to latch on to the nails and pry them out. If you are careful, you can save the nails for future use. Once you are done with that, On to the Next Step!

Step 3: Measuring and Cutting.

Okay, Now we get started.

I made the feet and supports 16'' long, and the legs 32''. Mark were you want to cut and, using the square, make a line. In case you didn't know, the square makes the line a perfect 90 degrees. Once you have all 8 supports and 2 legs marked out, take them over to the chop-saw and cut. Next, hopefully your chopsaw can angle to 45 Degrees. If not, I hope you have a hand saw, or you could just connect them without making it all fancy.. Your square should have a side that is 45 degrees, so just mark the line. Next, you want to cut the feet and 2 supports and 45 degree angle, just one side. the legs you want to cut 2 45 degree angle cut per leg, one on each side.

Step 4: Assembly

Next, take you feet and legs, and I took the leg and secured it in the vise grips. Then, taking the foot, use the 3'' screw closer to the end, and the 5'' farther down the foot. Then screw them together. Add a support at the top of the leg. Do likewise for the other leg. Attach the cross supports at the bottom and top, both sides.

Step 5: Finishing Up.

Next, I used plywood for the top, but you could use the panels from the pallets. I made it 18'' long and used 2 pieces so I would have a overhang. Attach those with 3'' screws. I had a piece leftover so I made a shelf. To see if it was sturdy enough, I put one of my goats* on it (Goats have an amazing sense of balance. If it sturdy, the goat won't jump off.). It passed with flying colors! Next, put your chopsaw on the stand. Mark where you want the screws. Then, after you insert them, chop off the heads. I used an old pair of tree trimmers. I used a file to take away the sharp edge.

And there you are!

If you have any tips I would appreciate it!

*No animals were harmed in the making of this instructable. I love my goats very dearly, and would never put them in any danger.

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