Introduction: Chopstick Chip Clips

Sometimes you just need something to close your bag of chips or coffee grounds, but you’ve run out of clips!

Sure, rolling it over and using something heavy to keep the roll pressed against the roll will get the job done, but you’ve got time today to MAKE YOUR OWN from those disposable chopsticks from the last time you got sushi at King Soopers.

Now, here’s what you’re going to do.

Step 1: Materials

For this all you will need are:

  • 1 chopstick
  • Twine

(Optionally you can also use):

  • Pocket knife / file / saw
  • Brown paper bag

Step 2: Prepare Chopsticks

First, cut the chopstick in half. You can saw or file around the midpoint of the chopstick and then break it by hand.

(OPTIONAL) – If you prefer, you can take a piece of your brown paper bag and use it to sand the chopstick to get some of the roughness off. This is not necessary in the least, but maybe you want your chip clip to be smoother to the touch. (This trick also works for smoothing out wooden spoons!)

Next, it helps to cut little notches around each edge of the chopstick. This prevents the chopstick from sliding out after you’ve tied your lashing.

Step 3: Tie Lashing

You will be making a shear lashing to hold the two sticks together. You can find better instructions on how to tie a shear lashing here.

In short, to make a shear lashing:

  • Tie the end of the twine to one stick (where the notches are)
  • Wrap the twine around both sticks 4-6 times
  • Then make your “frappings” – wrap the twine around your wrappings between the sticks a couple times. This tightens the wrappings.
  • Tie the twine off however you like. Typically you use a clove hitch on one of the sticks… But hey – this is a chip clip. It doesn’t need to be bomb proof.

Step 4: Clip!

You’re done!

Clip your bag and be done with the matter!