Introduction: Chopstick Clock

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Chopsticks come in handy for lots of things!  Here is a clock I made for the Chopstick Challenge. 

All you need is:

12 chopsticks
1 cork hotpad
Dremel tool
hot glue gun
red spray paint
black paint
clock movement kit

Step 1: Prep the Cork

I use Gesso for priming items for painting. 
Give it two coats, and when it's dry spray paint on the red. 

Step 2: Dremel Tool Time

Use the dremel tool to make a hole in the center for the movement kit.
On the back of the cork mark off the twelve sections of the clock.
Use the dremel to create trenches from the edge inward for the chopsticks to fit in.
On the front you can decorate it however you'd like, I wrote a saying that was on Chinese menus (and I think the title of a Doris Day movie).

Step 3: Putting It All Together...

Hot glue the chopsticks in the channels along the back of the cork.  I staggered the length of the chopsticks to make it interesting. 
Insert the clock movement kit according to its directions.
The movement kit had a built-in hanger so I didn't have to worry with how to hang it.  However, I usually epoxy a can pull-tab onto the back of things I want to hang so keep that in mind if yours doesn't have one.

(When I hung it up on the wall I decided it looked too plain, so I scrounged up some styrofoam balls from the craft closet and painted them yellow.  I like projects that can evolve over time.)

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