Chopstick Rest Made From Chopstick Wrapper




Introduction: Chopstick Rest Made From Chopstick Wrapper

This is just something I came up with so I don't have to put my chopsticks down on the table at a restaurant and either get my chopsticks dirty from the table or the table dirty from my chopsticks

Step 1: Flatten Your Wrapper

So the first thing you need to do is remove your chopsticks from the wrapper, remember when you open the wrapper try to only tear the very end of the wrapper so you have the longest wrapper possible Once you have removed the chopsticks flatten your wrapper

Step 2: First Fold

The first fold we do is just fold the wrapper in half length-wise

Step 3: Second and Third Folds

Now the second folds, you just fold the outside edges in towards that mid line fold... So the top edge folds down to the middle and the bottom edge folds up towards the middle So you see a kind of diamond shape when you look down the end

Step 4: Fourth

Now you fold the whole long thing in half

Step 5: Fifth and Sixth

And now fold the ends in towards the middle, and flatten them

Step 6: Folded Ribbon

Here Comes The Tricky Part... You need to make sort of a ribbon shape so you can start to tie the knot

Step 7: Tying the Knot

Now you take one of the ends and put it through the loop to tie the knot... Now this can be tricky and you have to be careful with some of the wrappers because I have had some tear on me And you want the final knot to be in the middle so you have equal amounts on the ends

Step 8: Making the Loops

Now you should have a flat knot... All you need to do is push your finger tip into the flat ends and wiggle it a little, you want to do one side, then the other, and then use both hands together so you can make the loops even

Step 9: Ta-da!!

Now you have your own chopstick rest made out of the very wrapper that the chopsticks came from!!! (I left my dirty chopsticks at the restaurant and just brought home the wrapper for the instructable, hence the bic pens) I do this every time I go somewhere with disposable chopsticks!!! Hopefully someday someone will say "wow that's really inventive" and I will become a millionaire

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    9 years ago

    cool :D