Chopstick Rubber Band Gun Tutorial

Introduction: Chopstick Rubber Band Gun Tutorial

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This is a tutorial on how to make a rubber band gun.

All the materials you need to make this is as follows:

4 chopsticks
11 rubberbands
a ruler

That's all! Enjoy the tutorial.

Using rubber bands that are too small can cause it to snap. As such, make sure the size is right for your model, which may vary based on the type of chopstick you use.

On rare occasions ( for example , the work quality and the loading condition . . . etc. ) the rubber band is released backward and you might be hit your face or eyes by it.
Please use this tutorial at your own risk . I am not responsible for such accidents . Play safe and never aim it at anyone.
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Rubberband Launchers:

A rubber band gun, often abbreviated to RBG,[citation needed] is a toy gun used to fire one or more rubber bands (or "elastic bands").
RBGs are often used in live-action games such as Assassins, in which they are common, popular and effective toy weapons. They are also common in offices and classrooms. Rubber band guns have been popular toys at least as far back as the early twentieth century, as evidenced by US patents having been granted for various designs of rubber band gun, beginning before World War II.

For more info check out the following link:

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