Introduction: Chopstick Rubber Band Gun

A fun, simple to make, and good for a rainy day. You only need 6 chopsticks and a grip of rubber bands (3 if you dont want any ammo).

Step 1: Materials

All you need is 6 chopsticks and a grip of rubber bands(3 if you dont want ammo) Sorry for the minor color distortion on this first picture, my camera went crazy.

Step 2: Trigger and Body

Put the chopsticks how the picture shows it and then wrap the rubber band like how its shown so the bottom of the trigger points forward(if it points backward it will be hard to shoot, load, aim, .ect) Dont ask about the orange thing, its probably a Lucky Charm *slaps brother on the head*

Step 3: Barrel (Well, Thats What I Call It)

Ok, now were on to the barrel. Put two chopsticks on top and on bottom of the front of the body and wrap the rubber band like its shown and then do the same thing to the other side so the barrel and the body are perpendicular

Step 4: Fireing Method

Pull the bottom part of the trigger towards yourself ( i finnaly got a finished product pic, but its small)