Introduction: Chorus Mask for the Play 'Medea'

Step 1: Plan What Your Mask Will Look Like

Take any basic white mask you can pick up from any craft shop or warehouse and plan your mask

Step 2: Cut the Mouth of Of the Mask (Optional)

This step is optional but reccomended for voice clarity. Just take some scissors and cut the mouth out, you can choose to do this in any way you like, I did a cresent shape around the mouth but then I cut the sides up to make them less point and to create some cheek bone effects

Step 3: Start the Mache

Start paper maching on your facial features, for our chorus masks we wanted over the top features. I start by pilling up the tissue paper onto the cheeks to make large cheeks, make sure to use lots of glue to form it into any shape you like.

Step 4: Leave the Mache to Dry.

You have to make sure to leave your masks until they are fully dry before you can add paint, we left ours overnight but some parts were still tacky, you may need a little more than one night depending on how much glue you used.

Step 5: Start Painting!

Because it is a chorus mask you will need to have the same masks, or similar features like we opted for. I started by using an olive skin colour, similar to everyone else's then I painted on prominent dark black eyebrows, I added bright red to the cheeks and then a blue tip on the nose.

Step 6: Leave the Paint to Dry

Make sure to wait until the paint is fully dry so before you wear it, we leaved our masks in class overnight.

Step 7: And You're Done!

Be careful not to snap the strap that goes over your head.