Chrapple: Christmas Tapple

Introduction: Chrapple: Christmas Tapple

Here's a little Christmas-themed expansion to Tapple, a speed trivia game without the trivia. :P

Play it like normal Tapple although you might have to get a little creative with your answers*...

But more importantly, have fun!

*For example: When "Frosty the Snowman" comes up, you might want to go through the song and punch those keys! Or you might want to list things related to Frosty or snowmen in general.

Don't have Tapple? Play it like Scattergories. All you need is a timer and an alphabetical list (A-Z) for writing down answers that match the category. When the same answer is used by 2 or more players, that answer is eliminated. Only unique answers count for scoring.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • Prints on cardstock
  • Clear spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Tapple
  • Hair dryer (optional)
  • Glue (optional)
  • Contact paper (optional)

Note: There are only two pages of cards with a total of 21 category cards (42 categories) and 3 blanks. I really tried to think of more, but having played Tapple a dozen times or so, we've not gone through too many of the standard categories. However, please share your ideas for categories in the comments!

Step 2: Coat

Coat pages with clear spray paint and allow to cure.

Optional: Use a hair dryer to speed up cure time.

Optional: Back with contact paper if not gluing the cards together.

Step 3: Cut and Load

Cut out the cards.

Optional: If not backing with contact paper, glue the backs of the cards together and trim overage (black to white and white to black).

Load 'em up! Mine thankfully fit in the cubby with the rest of the cards. Huzzah!

Don't have Tapple or Scattergories?

Check out Sketchy Christmas and Carols of Dysfunction.

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