Introduction: Christmas Angel

A Christmas angel out of disposable plastic bottle.
Something to put my chocolate candies in.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Plastic bottle, medium size, cut into 3 parts, discard middle part
2. White plastic cap
3. Lace
4. Cellophane, any color
5. Mesh sash
6. Plastic rope
7. Ribbons
8. Gold wire
9. Feather garland
10. Duct tape
11. Double-sided adhesive tape
12. Pair of scissors
13. Pliers (not in photo)

Step 2: Halo

1. Lightly twist the wire as shown

2.  Make a loop of about 1 inch in diameter

3. Twist and bend the wire loop using pliers to form a halo

4. Anchor the halo using duct tape to one side of the bottle cap 

Step 3: Hair

1. Use plastic rope, about 2 inches long
Untwist the rope and spread the material to have a small rectangular piece of plastic sheet.
Put double-sided tape to one side

2. Position and form the sheet to achieve a the desired hair style for your angel

3. Secure it neatly up to the back where the halo is attached

4. Apply a strip of double-sided adhesive tape across the entire portion to be covered with hair

5. Cover the back of the head with plastic rope sheet

6. Trim your angel's hair

7. Angel's head with halo

Step 4: The Body

1. Wash the plastic bottle and dry.
Bottom part of the plastic bottle goes into the top part
Secure with duct tape

2. Put double-sided adhesive tape to one side of cellophane

3. Cover the entire plastic bottle up to the neck... achieve something like this

Step 5: The Dress

1. Put double-sided adhesive tape to the wrong side of the lace and to the mesh sash

2. Mesh sash will cover the bottom part of the bottle

3. Layer it with lace... make a skirt

5. Get another piece of mesh sash and put double-sided adhesive tape as shown

6. Stick it to the base of the neck

7. Tie it around tightly using a ribbon or wire

8. Flip it over

Step 6: The Wings

1. I used 2 pieces 4-inch long feather garland
Tape all ends

2. Using duct tape, attach the wings to the back

3. Secure it well

4. To cover the duct tape mess you see in the previous photo, I used a piece of mesh sash

5. Twisted a wire though it...

6. ...and arrived at this

7. Tie a ribbon around the "waist"...

8. Make a nice bow and trim the sash

9. Angel's back

Step 7: Ta-da!

1. Put chocolate candies inside the bottle

A gift suggestion.