Introduction: Christmas Balls With Fairy Lights (Bolas Navideñas Con Luces Hada)

These beautiful Christmas balls with fairy lights are really easy to make and it adds warmness to your home. All the tools are easy to find and cheap.


  • 2 small plastic balls
  • 2 big plastic balls
  • fairy lights (15 led lights)
  • 50 cm of pita natural fiber yarn(flax fiber)

Filling Material:

  • green strips of cellophane paper
  • flax fiber (unrolled)
  • 2 foam balls of 1cm covered with red frost

Step 1: Filling the Balls

In order to fill the balls:

  1. Mix the cellophane strips with the flax fiber
  2. Fill the balls with the filling made in the previous step
  3. Add the 2 foam balls inside the balls

Repeat these steps for all the four balls.

Step 2: Use the Fairy Lights

  1. Take one big ball and put 4 consecutive led lights inside (as show in the image - start here).
  2. Leave the 5th light outside and then close that ball
  3. Take a small ball and put the next 4 consecutive led lights inside.
  4. Again, leave the 5th light outside and close the ball.
  5. Repeat this process for the next 2 balls.

As a result, all the four balls should be linked by the fairy lights.

Step 3: Add Flax Fiber Yarn

  • Make a knot in the ball hook and repeat this process for all the balls.
  • Leave a space of 5 centimeters between them and try to roll the fairy light with the yarn (as it shown in the image).
  • At the end make another knot (example) which will work in order to hang it on to the wall.

We also glued a star of foamix to complete our ornament and voila!! Our ornament is ready to decorate our home :).

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