Introduction: Christmas Car Lights

Fun decoration idea for your ol vehicle, machine, or just use as a basic method for outlining and drawing with Christmas lights. Hope you enjoy and merry Christmas!!!


- Old vehicle or machine (optional)

- Lots of Christmas lights

- Blue tape

- Extension

Step 1: Plan

First step is to figure out where you want the lights. Whether you want the whole basic outline or you choose to add in details it is completely up to you. I took a picture of the vehicle I'm using and drew on it using a photo editing app but you can print it out or just wing it.

Step 2: Methods

When attaching lights and forming the outline and details in lights make sure to strategize how you can use the least lights and not overlap. For using blue tape make sure your surface is dry before starting so the tape will adhere. For curves and long lines tape across the cord inbetween the three wires. If there are any gaps and crevices on the car you can shove lights in and tape to secure for things like headlights. Also for most old metal pieces there are edges and corners that are great for hanging lights on. Be careful to watch for rust and not get cut.

Step 3: Light It Up!

Make sure that the end of the light cord is hidden so you can plug it in easily without messing up the design and light it up! Happy Holidays!!!

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