Introduction: Christmas Card for Horse Lovers

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Hey all! Christmas is coming and I decided to do something special for my dearest and nearest. My best friend keeps a farm with two adorable horses. She loves her hooved friends so much! That’s why I wanted to create a DIY Christmas card for her and her farm pals.

I stumbled across spellbinding Christmas printables - a Christmas stocking and Christmas cards that I fell in love with immediately. Now I want to share my idea on how to create a fascinating Christmas card for horse lovers with these materials. The idea is to hide the greeting card inside the stocking to surprise the receiver.

The horse stocking is easy to make, just follow the guidelines below.


  • 1 x Stocking printed out on a red paper
  • 2 x Stocking printed out on a white paper
  • 1 x Christmas card Christmas decorations (optional)
  • 1 x scissors
  • 1 x glue stick

Here are the sources where I found these beautiful Christmas printables that inspired me to DIY a Christmas gift.

And let the magic begin! I found a Christmas stocking template with a separate top cuff. That’s an important aspect as I used this white part as a lid to cover the Christmas card. I printed a few cards of different sizes as I wasn’t sure which one fit the stocking better.

Now I can say that if you’re going to use the same stocking template, you’ll need a card with 3.5” width to hide it inside the sock. I’m so obsessed with these horse Christmas cards! I’m pretty sure my friend will love them too.

Step 1: Cut Out the Printables

Cut out the card and the stocking. I used one red sock, two white cuffs, and a greeting card. The rest of the materials you can use for another Christmas card.

So why three cuffs? I used the red stripe for the inner side of the stocking as a cardholder. The white stripes were glued together to create a lid. Keep scrolling to see the pics.

Step 2: Making the Hidden Cardholder

I grabbed the red stripe and put it face down. Then I folded the edges a little away from the black outline. I imposed the card on the strip to check if it could move flawlessly.

Then I took the stocking and put it face down. I glued the cardholder to the inner side of the stocking where the card would be hidden. I made sure there was no huge gap between the stocking and the stripe so the card couldn’t slip off.

Step 3: Making the Lid

I grabbed two white stripes and glued them together with the black outline outside. I glued only the top and side lines. I left the bottom line unglued so the Christmas card could get inside the lid. I checked if the card fit the lid.

Step 4: Decorate

I glued a shiny plastic snowflake to the stocking to spruce up the greeting card. You can use any Christmas decoration you desire. Paper printouts, painted writings, stickers - the only limit is your imagination.

Step 5: Put the Details Together

I hid the Christmas card inside the cardholder at the back. Then I covered the card with the lid at the top. So you couldn’t see the greeting card until you pull out the lid. And voila, the tremendous Christmas card for horse lovers is ready. Wish you all the best these warm holidays!